What is A.P.E.

Applied Primate Engineering (A.P.E.) is a BAYC/MAYC community-led project developing lore, content and interactive experiences around the Mega Radioactive, Mega Serum and other Mega Mutants.

What are keycards?

Keycards are access passes to log participation in the puzzles. Anyone can participate and solve puzzles, but to log your participation via meta data traits and be eligible for prizes you need a keycard.

Gold vs Silver Keycard?

Gold keycards were earned by the first 222 finishers of the first story in Q12022 and silver keycards were earned by the first 2000 to finish onboarding in Q42022. Gold keycards have given access to a Gold exclusive discord channel and have had exclusive Gold only raffles so far. Silver gives access to a Silver exclusive discord channel and gives access to all the main raffles besides the Gold exclusive ones.

What are traits?

Traits on keycards such as Radioactive and Robot act as participation badges, they show which events a participant was a part of such as earning the Radioactive trait for completing the Onboarding Event. Outside of being a flex to show participation in past events, nothing else is officially known about them at this time.

What is keycard supply?

2000 silver keycards 222 gold keycards (a few gold keycards haven't been migrated from the old contract. There is no time limit for those to be moved.)

What are prizes?

All prizes and requirements to be eligible are documented in the Accounting Department.

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