Travel to England

Doc was first tracked to Primates Palace in Bratislava, Slovakia and took a flight somewhere new.

Avila Pires GM everyone. With your help, we’ve trailed Doc to Primate’s Palace in Bratislava. We didn’t catch up with him, but another APE employee managed to grab this picture. If you can figure out where he’s headed next, DM @A.P.E. Bot with the location and we’ll dispatch someone to check it out.

Doc purchased flight tickets somewhere. A review of the information from the tickets has been summarized below: 1. The layover time between the two flights was just under 2 hours 2. He departed on an Austrian Airlines flight on May 16, 2022 from VIE (Vienna) airport sometime after 6pm local time 3. He took a connecting flight on Lufthansa Airlines also on May 16, 2022 and landed at his final destination at X:20

A review of flight logs for that day of both airlines can be found below: Only one set of flights matched the information from the tickets with a layover less than 2 hours, a flight departing at 6:25 from VIE to MUC with a 1:55 minute layover before traveling from MUC to BHX and landing at 10:20

The last piece of information found was a map of public transport that he used to get to his final location. Starting at the airport, it is determined R represented a town called Rugby and A represented a town called Atherstone, both places one could take a train to with a final bus ride to the final destination of Twycross Zoo.

While waiting to see if Doc was still at Twycross Zoo, Avila managed to decrypt another audio message.

Avila Pires Alright @everyone, I’ve been able to start decrypting some of Gibbons’ memos, and will be sharing them here once they’ve been fully decrypted. This one is from the start of the project, so I don’t think there’ll be anything to help us find him in there, but you never know. Maybe getting to know him better will help with the search.

Audio Transcript Doc GibbonsThis is log number one of my, uh, Dr. Abbott Gibbon's, planned record of the mutation mitigation experiment. Lab is set up and I have a limited but seasoned crew of assistance, including Ms. Avila Pires. Project does not have a set timeline, but I estimate about six weeks until the first prototype of the serum is done.

The purpose of this serum or course, is to lessen, ideally, completely remove the effects of mutation from an apes body. Preliminary research has already been done on the causes of mutation. Uh, fruitless research, with nothing gained but more questions. Additionally, prior attempts have been made to create a similar serum by inexpert hands if I do say so myself. The volunteers in those trials ended up even more change than before.

Needless to say, as much as having knowledge of what went wrong there or where the underlying causes lie would help this project. I refuse to delay any help I may be able to offer waiting on some geneticist somewhere to get their act together. We may not know the seed. But we can see the plant blooming in its many shapes right before our eyes.

Uh, brassica oleracea, that's, that's a good comparison. Examples of mutation are prevalent enough that we will have plenty of data to work with at every phase of the testing. And even if they weren't, I'd still have eager volunteers amongst my research team.

Avila Pires Titration results are ready doc, and the fluorescein diacetate delivery needs your signature.

Doc Gibbons Be there in a moment. I just have a few more comments to make.

Avila Pires All right. Just don't leave the delivery guy waiting.

Doc Gibbons Avila has joined me in this endeavor, a factor that my mental well being hinges upon. She's been an understanding and sympathetic here through all of this, and at points, where I was tearing my hair out, trying to pull this together, she brought the enthusiasm and competence necessary to seal the deal. Her extensive work in primate pathology is helpful, of course. But her friendship, that's, that's what's going to get us through this.

And of course, I veer off into waxing poetic on what is supposed to be an entirely scientific account. You get a pass on this one, Abbot, just because it's the first log. Keep it more succinct next time. End log.

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