🔎Report 09: Hunt for the Megas-Noise

Where is Mega Noise?

Summary (tl;dr) Jenkins continues to search for Megas, but unfortunately Doc had to run an errand before he could share all his findings. Instead, Jenkins was left with Doc's cluttered desk to sift through and piece together information on where to go to find this second Mega.

Jenkins remembered he had forgotten to send PPMan birthday wishes upon seeing the card pinned to Doc's board. But it was too late to dwell on that as he got started looking through Docs belongings. Right off the bat, he began playing the most recent song on Doc's old iPod.

Doc was a perfectionist, so of course Jenkins found a rehearsal for his holiday message on there where the secret message Mega Bots Are Coming was found. But again, he couldn't be distracted, so he doubled down and focused on Docs rehearsal audio where he noticed multiple words had been changed from their initial rendition in 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Upon locating all the mistakes, the message USE WORD EARACHE was pieced together, something this audio file had given Jenkins from having to listen so many times. Now it was time to focus on the note left on the desk.

This letter contained a rather large fraction, but turning it into a continued fraction revealed the message LCD DISPLAY hidden within. Jenkins became slightly annoyed at being directed to yet another clue on Doc's desk.

It looked like Doc was in the mood for some games as he was requesting Jenkins to join him in Sandboxes Metaverse with the VR system Doc had rigged up. After getting booted up and logged in, Jenkins found himself in a virtual representation of A.P.E. Labs where he was greeted by Doc.

Doc must have thought its all fun in games in the lab as he direct Jenkins to play some of the games placed around. After playing multiple games including Bowling, Pac-Man and Uno, a new message was uncovered of GRANDSLAM. Doc must really like his baseball. This just left the old boombox and it's mixtape to listen to for Jenkins to investigate.

Doc must listen to this mixtape when he doesn't want to do work, but he must love samplings of drum loops from songs as that's all the mixtape contained. Reviewing each of the drummers that Doc seemed to enjoy listening to, a final message was extracted of PEARTS HOMETOWN, a reference to the drummer from the band Rush, who was born in HAMILTON, Ontario where Mega Noise was found!

As thanks to all the scientists who put in the hard work to locate Mega Noise, Doc allowed both Gold and Silver keycard scientists to claim the Noise trait for their keycard.

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