Hunt for Mega Swamp

Jenkins hunts for the first Mega

Jenkins the Valet GM Applied Primate scientists and Writer's Room members and @everyone else who has arrived to help me find those Mega Mutants! You brave adventurers, you…

@Doc Gibbons has tasked us with locating them and making sure they are aligned with the mission of Applied Primate, and not… er, anyone else…

Unfortunately, this mission to find these Megas has a new urgency: a few months ago, Doc stockpiled a warehouse full of a key ingredient in Mega Serum, a mysterious and dangerous substance known only as "Element 115.”

Now that he understands the true danger of Mega Serum, he needs the Megas to help him destroy the virtually indestructible Element 115 so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. And those hands have eyes everywhere (to mix anatomical metaphors!).

And so, if it isn’t obvious to you all already, we absolutely must find the Megas as soon as possible. Unfortunately, though, they didn’t leave us much help!

All we’ve got to go on are some small and cryptic clues they left behind as to their whereabouts. Doc and I are going to need your help to make sense of what we have. I've posted the first clue below, and you will find more information in the Applied Primate intranet at

Best of luck! And, as Doc likes to say, for all Apekind.

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