Noise To Signal

Something feels off about your radio, but you can’t put your finger on what.

This audio contains up to 3 different noises played simultaneously in both the Left and Right Channels. The easiest way to determine what is happening is to view the audio spectrogram using any available tool (Sonic Visualizer used below).

Each highlighted row above represents the 3 possible noises that can be played for the both the Left (top) and Right (bottom) channels.

ie. For the first tone, The left channel only has noise 2 playing, and the right channel only has noise 1 playing.

As clued by the hint of "feels off" and "put your finger on it", each of these noises are a braille letter with the 3 tones representing the 3 pips for the left and right sides.

Building the letters based off the noises gives the output below

Which translates to the final answer of INSULATOR.

This is the fifth method used in an attempt to hatch the vessel.

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