🕶️Report 06b: Interception

Mega Gold intercepts Seed 3

Mega Gold enlists the help of two Chosen Scientists to activate a sleeper agent in Singapore

Mega Gold

@Chi Your service to The Simian Path will be remembered. We have another, outside agent who is already on the ground in Singapore. They are a sleeper agent in need of activation who will know exactly what to do, if we are able to contact them. Each day they take a stroll at Kingfisher Lake around noon, local time. They have been instructed to await contact from someone with a newspaper folded underneath their arm who will bring them the password: "OFF THE BEATEN PATH."

Do you accept this mission?

The Chosen Scientist was able to successfully complete their mission and activate the sleeper agent.

Mega Gold

@Chi The Path commends you. You managed to activate our sleeper agent who was able to stand in for the intended contact at the scheduled meeting with the Singapore-based scientists. We had previously penetrated the systems of Applied Primate. But with this success, our influence has permeated even deeper, as we have now replaced the intended code and we have inserted a virus into the apebot's programming. No one can stop us now!

They can whisper about our presence all they want. At this point, our plans cannot be thwarted!

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