📋Report 04: New Recruits

Summary (tl;dr)

Doc believes Avila has become a zealot driven by ambition rather than facts and is no longer a brilliant scientist. In an attempt to not let The Path prevail and find a cure for Mega Mutantcy, Doc speeds up the process of onboarding new recruits as full fledged scientists in the lab.

Hominid Resources (H.R.) is in charge of the new recruit onboarding. To begin, they put all new recruits through a standard IQ Test and Personality Assessment to ensure they not only have the knowledge and problem solving skills to be an elite scientist, but also ensure their values align with the mission of A.P.E.

Next they subject all recruits to a standard days work in the lab. In this situation, how to properly dispose of toxic waste from the lab at the local disposal facilities. They were required to identify the exact treatment process steps needed to neutralize the waste and get it to a state that one of the multiple disposal facilities would accept it.

The final task for new recruits was to review an old grant application form from Tiara funding to submit a new proposal request for grant money in 2022. This required networking and contacting the specified Tiara branch to obtain a copy of an updated grant request form and properly sent it in for review.

The 2000 most efficient recruits to complete all tasks and successfully get their grant applications approved were promoted to Silver level scientists at A.P.E. and all scientists (including Gold) could earn the Radioactive trait on their keycards.

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