A Surprise Attack

The Path plans a covert attack on The Lab

Doc Gibbons Congratulations, @Lab Allegiance friends, on a triumphant Equipment Hack! This message was meant to be merely a celebration of today’s bounty, but I just received some urgent news that is much more important to share. A trusted source, who shall remain anonymous, informed me that the Path is currently plotting a covert attack against our faction, set to deploy soon, perhaps even today. Their intention is to surprise us at a moment we’d least expect, and fight with everything they have to end our entire movement in one battle.

Although this is obviously concerning, their goal is actually quite laughable. Do they really expect to overpower us and our immense artillery using their minuscule stash of items they received from losing all of the hacks?

According to my informant, the Path is planning on employing all of their Megas in this next attack, each one targeting a Mega on our side.

The Lab shall undoubtedly rise to the occasion. Let us prepare the most robust, logical, and well-thought-out defense possible in such a short time. Make brilliant choices with our abundance of weapons and items. Everything we have been working for depends on it.

Our adversaries are attempting to make us feel as though we have no control over what happens to us. Do not let that affect you. Envision how wonderful the world will be for all apekind with no looming dangers of Mega Serum, as a result of our victory.

The action could begin any moment now, so remain vigilant.

And say it - no, shout it - with me: FOR ALL APEKIND!

Mega Gold Brothers and Sisters of the @Path Allegiance: I know we may be disappointed by the results of the Equipment Hack, but I am also experiencing a strange feeling of momentum; do you sense it as well? Can we all detect a certain energy in the air, inspiring us to gather together and take action?

I have come to the conclusion that there is no more apt time to strike than at this very moment. Our enemies in the Lab have acquired some powerful items today, which may seem intimidating at first, but attacking sooner gives them no time to learn to use them. Delaying action merely increases our opponents’ knowledge, which is their main source of power. I am growing impatient with the tedium of hack after battle after hack… Enough is enough. It is time to shut the Lab down once and for all, and finally have the time to get Mega Serum out into the world and begin actual work toward the Path’s mission.

Most importantly, the greatest error we could make would be allowing the Lab any more time to plot an attack against us. While they would benefit from having more time to plan, we do not need to be so cautious. Catching them off guard is the perfect strategy to pit our strengths against their weaknesses. Never underestimate the element of surprise - no one is expecting us to initiate an attack immediately after a loss. I have always been partial to a good underdog story. We must shut them down with more intensity than we have utilized in any previous battle:

All of our Megas are healthy and ready to fight. To maximize our impact, all four of us shall take part in this confrontation, each targeting one of our enemies’.

It is now or never, my friends. Prepare yourselves. Since your intelligence and passion for our cause have brought us this far, I trust you completely to make the important decisions of this operation. Be ready to strategize momentarily.

Thank you, as always, for your loyalty and dedication to the Simian Path. This endeavor will not be easy, so in those difficult moments, think of the light at the end of the tunnel: a world changed for the better, filled with happy, healthy apes living how they were always meant to, rising to their greatest Mega Mutated potential. I know the Lab uses “For All Apekind” as their pathetic little motto, but they miss the irony that the Path means true freedom for all - “apekind” includes Mega Mutants! We shall reappropriate their saying as our own.

Scream our battle cry with me: FOR ALL APEKIND!

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