Finding the Smartcard

A Cow goes Moo

Head to Exam Room A (F4)

You are in a laboratory examination room. The room is sterile, white, and hi-tech, with light emanating from an unseen source.

There is a door to the west.

There is an old lab coat here.

>examine old lab coat It is an old lab coat with pockets. It has an A.P.E. logo on it.

>examine pockets It looks like you could sew a USB stick into one of the pockets. In the other is a red access pass.

>take red access pass Taken.

-------- Head to the Security Office (F2)

You are in a security office. An ape sits before a row of monitors. There is an A.P.E. recruiting poster on the north wall. A whiteboard is mounted on the east wall.

There is a lab to the west.

>examine ape His fur looks like the fur of a different kind of animal, and he's playing a musical instrument.

This identifies the ape as 9815

>talk to ape "Sorry I'm a bit distracted today. I can't seem to find my smartcard. I alerted the main security staff and they've triggered the Facility Amber Alert, but I'm afraid I'll be fired if it's not found."

>examine whiteboard Along with various to-do lists ("Flowers for Mom," "Milk and eggs") there is an underlined note: "Remember: YOUR COMBO 0729 is MOO."

-------- Head to the Locker Room (D5)

You are in a gym locker room, but instead of a row of tall rectangular lockers there is an unfamiliar LockerMatic machine on one wall.

There is a brightly colored sign.

Exits lead to the west and north.

>examine LockerMatic It's not surprising to see a fancy new LockerMatic machine in a hi-tech facility such as this.

There is a slot on the front, a display screen, and a keyboard.

>insert red access pass into slot The access pass slides in and back out. You retrieve it and the unit whirrs to life. The display flickers.

>examine display The display reads "TYPE FOUR-DIGIT LOCKER NUMBER".

>type 0729 There is a rumble behind the wall. After a few moments, the machinery grinds to a halt and a panel opens in the machine, revealing Locker 0729.

>open locker It's locked. The machine beeps and the display reads "LOCKER 0729 IS LOCKED, PLEASE TYPE YOUR PASSWORD".

>type MOO There is a series of clicks and Locker 0729 pops open. There are some old sweatpants inside.

>examine sweatpants The sweatpants haven't been washed in a while, and now that the locker is open you realize they're pretty fragrant. There's something in one of the pockets.

>look in pockets You find a security smartcard in the sweatpants.

>close locker The locker closes and locks automatically. The panel slides shut again.

-------- Head back to the Security Office (F2)

>give smartcard to the ape "Thank you! That'll save my ass with the boss. I'll tell security to switch off the Facility Amber Alert for me."

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