MonKey Locksmith

Getting a Key for the Book

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons  I will admit I first came to this establishment years ago because I had misplaced both sets of keys to my filing cabinet and needed it opened. The place struck me as slightly off, but I got what I needed and went on my way. Now, with the clarity of hindsight, I know what had tipped me off. The proprietor had asked me upon arrival if I was a fellow traveler, not knowing what he was referring to, I demurred and the rest of the interaction went on normally.

Of course now, with substantially more research done into The Path's customs I know that he was trying to discern where my allegiances lay. I doubt the proprietor would make such obvious overtures now, with the growing infamy of the path, but if possible, try to broach the subject with the person at the counter.

If there is any secret information to be gained about The Path, it could be vital to stopping them.

-------- Following Doc's instructions and heading to Bryant Park, search teams approached the Monkey Locksmith and said they were fellow travelers. They were given a key which opened the lockbox hidden inside The Way of the Path book which contained an encoded keychain inside.

This keychain says FOLLOW THE PATH and was encircled by the string T E R S U F E R C O H M A W N I G T E H C I O N M This string was identified as a skip cipher ( with a step size of 1 (read every other letter). Completing the skips gives the phrase: true change comes from within

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