The Phone Call

Calling Avila

Within the book was a phone number that when called, and the "true change comes from within" phrase given connects you to a call with Avila, Mega Demon, and Doc Gibbons.

Audio Transcript  Now merging calls.

Avila Pires Haven't you gotten the message doc? We have nothing to say to each other.

Doc Gibbons But Avila...

Avila Pires What do you want?

Doc Gibbons The serum Avila, you need to give it back.

Avila Pires I thought it was pretty clear that I've already made my decision.

Doc Gibbons It's not safe.

Mega Demon Oh, in what way is it unsafe? Doc Gibbons

Doc Gibbons Hello, old friend. You, you must understand. Look what a similar formula did to you. Look what this one did to me.

Mega Demon What it did to you? Do you mean the power literally oozing out of your skin? Your decreased need for food or drink? Your heightened regenerative ability? You know, I received some intel that you lost nearly half a foot in that cave back when you were running away from us rather than towards us.

Doc Gibbons You know, that's not...

Mega Demon Or do you mean that ratty suit you're wearing? That one is on you, my friend, for not taking care of your things over the course of your journey.

Doc Gibbons I...

Mega Demon Or perhaps you meant the word "look" less literally, and you want me to consider the state of your mind. I hate to be the one to break it to you, Abbott, but your paranoid tendencies date back to long before you even started this project. You've been seeing enemies in people trying to help for years now.

Doc Gibbons What you intend to do with that vial is not help old friend. It's the destruction of ape kind.

Mega Demon What a fatalistic view of things. I'm sorry you feel that way Abbott, but no one else shares your view. Just ask around.

Doc Gibbons How can I?!, when you have brainwashed all of them,

Mega Demon More paranoia, you have so little faith in your dear friend Avila, that you think she must have been brainwashed rather than consider that she came to her own conclusions?

Doc Gibbons She wouldn't have chosen this.

Avila Pires I could speak for myself, think for myself too. You were always one to go on about logical conclusions Doc, but once I went through the evidence and found that my logical conclusions didn't line up with your moralistic, cowardly view of the world, you shut me down. Your fears and self-loathing aren't facts. Get it through your head.

Doc Gibbons I'm, I'm sorry if I seem dismissive Avila, but you have to understand, I have a great deal of history with your so-called leader. I know what kind of games he plays.

Avila Pires Talk about the opposite of objective reasoning. Our dear leader introduced me to the path, but even without that catalyst, I still would've ended up exactly where I am now. You don't get to attribute my own progress to him just because you don't like it.

Mega Demon I'm inclined to agree. The conversations Avila and I have had together have been fascinating. Abbott, your protege has broadened my horizons a great deal during our time together. And now it's time for her to ascend.

Doc Gibbons No, no! Avila!, You can't! I beg of you! Noo! No!

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