A Plea for Help

Doc is desperate to stop Avila and sends out a plea for help

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons Greetings, friends of Applied Primate Engineering. If you're joining us now, there is much to explain. My name is Dr. Abbott Gibbons, and I am the founder and head researcher at A.P.E. Labs. Our organization was created to advance the field of primatology for the good of all ape kind. For years I've studied mutation, hoping to help stabilize apes whose biological systems had become dangerously mutated. I wanted to help reverse the symptoms of mutation and heal my ape brothers and sisters. But fate had other plans.

Beneath my nose, members of The Simian Path, a sinister cult that worships mutation and seeks to create more of their own, sabotaged my research. They poisoned the serum I had developed to help treat mutation, turning it into a volatile concoction with the power to induce mega mutantcy.

Only after I myself was exposed and transformed in a laboratory accident, did I realize that my own lab director and closest confidant, Avila Pires had been a spy for the Simian Path all along. I fled with the serum in hopes of keeping it out of the clutches of evil doers, but Avila tracked me down and stole it from me.

Now I have followed her to New York City in hopes of retrieving it before it's too late. If you are listening to this, you may be our last hope. I'm sending out an all call. A.P.E. is contracting all available agents to form search party groups and fan out across the city looking for clues.

Using the A.P.E. information portal, I'll be transmitting the best leads I have to each of you. I promise great rewards to those who return quickest with the vital information we so badly need. Find the clues and we may stand chance at tracking down The Simian Path and retrieving the serum before it's too late.

For the Good of All Ape Kind.

Doc Gibbons, signing off.

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