The Path

Mega Gold welcomes her Chosen

Audio Transcript Mega Gold Friends, old and new, this is your faction leader, Mega Gold. It gives me great pleasure to formally welcome you to the Simian Path. Your savvy and intelligence is clear to me. You should all be satisfied knowing you made the superior choice with your allegiance. The next several weeks will be some of the most exciting you have ever experienced. We will succeed in battle while showcasing our vision for the future. Each and every one of you will contribute to this victory, paving the way for a new era. An extraordinary era in which all apekind will reach its greatest potential. To be quite honest, I am still a bit surprised that this conflict is even necessary. Doctor Gibbons was once someone I admired for his intellectual prowess and passion for discovery. Needless to say, I am gravely disappointed that he is seemingly incapable of understanding some basic truths. He's become so conservative, abandoning the vision needed to move the world forward. And I have given him every opportunity to join us. Every opportunity to stand on the right side of Ape Kind's history. What is he so afraid of? Why is he holding us back? With Mega Mutation, we have an unprecedented opportunity for ape achievement. Doc and his followers claim to be the moral, righteous ones, looking out for the good of all ape Kind, but where is the "good" in preventing apes from realizing their full potential? Is he really self interested enough to believe that no ape should have freedom of choice, just because he personally regrets his own Mega Mutation? Or perhaps there is more to his story? Does he actually appreciate his Mega abilities? Perhaps he is actively working to repress others, preventing them from reaching his level. Or, he simply does not want to admit he was wrong. I have always known him to be stubborn, but this is a new extreme. Whatever his reasoning, we must show him he is wrong - by any means necessary. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming battles. Yes, the battles are how we will claim our rightful victory. But considering the caliber of our members, I believe victory is already a foregone conclusion. Most importantly, this will be an opportunity to demonstrate the Path's core tenets. When everyone witnesses the Megas using their incredible powers in battle, they will see that we are right about the benefits and breakthroughs that Mega Mutation can bring. Throughout the upcoming weeks, I urge you to never stop seeking the truth. Keep using your superior minds to think creatively and persevere beyond all obstacles. I will always be here to guide you through this journey. Do not hesitate to reach out. In the name of the Simian Path, we shall be victorious! The Path is the way. It is the only way. Until soon. This is Mega Gold signing off.

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