🔄Report 12b: The Activation

Mega Gold Turns The Tables.

Mega gold makes one final plan with The Chosen.

Mega Gold

It seems that today is going to be a pivotal day for our cause.

I need your minds to be at their sharpest for the tasks you must complete today. Lift each other up, brothers and sisters of the Path. Trust in your superior intellect - do not back down from our vital mission.

I must go now to prepare for the day ahead, but I shall return later. If any important updates occur, or if I find myself needing your assistance, I will inform you in a timely manner. In the name of the Simian Path, we shall succeed.


Mega Gold

I have an important task for you, chosen ones. Listen carefully.

The Path needs your help, very soon. Something momentous is going to happen. Things will never be the same for Apekind.

I cannot reveal the exact details at this moment, in case there are infiltrators among us. But here is what you need to know for now...

This is something that all of us brothers and sisters of the Path will need to do together. There is strength in numbers.

Be on the lookout for a message from me later. I will give you a secret password. Trust your instincts and you will know the right time and place to use it.

You must keep all of this information absolutely completely secret until it is time. And I will tell you when it is time.

Patience is a virtue, chosen ones. It will be worth the wait, I promise.


Mega Gold and Jenkins Mutated confront Doc and the Megas at the secret base in South America

Mega Gold


That phrase will activate our plan! When you can, shout it as much as possible in Employees Only! Strength in numbers! We will not be defeated!


Mega Gold

Excellent work, chosen ones! What a momentous goal we have accomplished in moving the Path forward!

I am incredibly grateful for all of your efforts! Each and every one of you contributed to making it happen.

I am so proud of all of you! Because of each and every one of you, Brothers and Sisters of the Path, Apekind will be forever changed, in the best way.

Things are about to change around here, and for Apekind in general. It will be nice to no longer have to be so secretive, for one. We can be more open in discussing the virtues of the Path's mission.

Our new friends have the right idea, chosen ones. Our work today brought the most significant progress toward the Path's cause in a long time. There are going to be major changes around here as we move toward embracing Apekind's full potential, and there is much preparation to be done throughout this month. Tonight, you deserve to take some time to be proud of all you have accomplished. Do something that brings you joy, whether that is consuming cerebral tissue or bathing in a filthy bog or whatever your equivalent is.

However, while we are free to indulge in this victory, we must not forget to stay careful and vigilant. Although many new apes have surely seen the light regarding the benefits of achieving Apekind's full potential after today, there are others who are still loyal to Doc and are doubling down on their foolish beliefs. They are going to be on high alert, and we must not jeopardize our plan while we are ahead. We must lie low - this is what the Path needs most from you in this time. To be extra cautious, I am disabling our secret channel for now, but we will be back! And we will prevail! Stay on the Path, chosen ones! I will see you soon!

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