New Protective Gear

A secret message sewn into the labs new lab safety gear

Some helpful scientists in NYC while trying to stop Avila began to receive new protective safety gear from A.P.E. Labs. Doc had recommended washing the clothing first before using in the lab in his recent memo and to heed the instructions. This led to the discovery of a unique care tag.

The materials used to make this add up to more than 100%, a physical impossibility, along with a ciphered strings. Converting the percent's back to fractions revealed they were instructing how much of each name to read.

2/6-BAmboo 2/6-COtton 1/8-Neoprene 3/11-ANDgora wool 4/9-PLAYtester 1/6-Fleece 1/7-Acetate 1/13-Illusion tulle 1/9-Rabbit fur

giving the message BACON AND PLAYFAIR, two different cipher types. --------

Investigation of the protective gear sleeve showed each radioactive icon on the sleeve contained 5 mutant serum drips each. Using 1 for long drips and 0 for short drips, the string 00000 01110 00100 10101 was extracted and decoded via a Bacon Cipher ( to give APEX

-------- Using APEX as a key for a Playfair cipher ( and the cipher text given on the tag More information found at PUFWXYEXIOEIAZMERFO.NMB


The last information on the care tag says No X, Remove all X from plaintext

which after removign the X's from the string gives the website

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