🥼Report 03: The Labcoat

Summary (tl:dr)

Doc received an encoded letter in the mail, that after decoding, was revealed to have come from Avila as a peace offering to see her side of things. She put her lab coat in a locker near a symposium her and Doc had attended in the past, with the access code being her birthday and favorite color.

Doc sent local scientists to pick it up, and after using her re-birthday of becoming Mega Gold and her favorite color yellow, it was discovered that the lab coat had been removed and listed for sale on Craigslist for setting off a Geiger counter.

After chasing the labcoat through multiple buyers and sellers, it was eventually found to have been intercepted by the Mutant Cartel. After heated negotiations with Blaksoot, it was agreed to return the labcoat to the scientists of A.P.E. Lab.

Upon scientists receiving the labcoat, a USB drive was discovered sewn inside the collar with an audio message from Avila where she attempts to convince Doc that his Mega mutation should be embraced and seen as a gift of power rather than something he should try to hide and find a cure for. She warns that most in The Path find him a threat that should be dealt with while she thinks there is hope for him to see the errors of his ways and join her with The Path.

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