Finding the Wristband

That's one spaced out ape

If the small knife has been collected, head to the Central security Station (B5)

This is the facility security monitoring station. An ape sits at an official-looking counter. A computer kiosk stands alongside it.

A hallway leads north and you can see a reception area to the south.

>examine ape His eyes are popping out of their sockets, nearly touching the beanie he wears.

This identifies the ape as 2435

>talk to ape "We got rules, bub." The ape's eyeballs bounce around. "Rules."

"Number one: no touching my stuff."

"Number two: every ape in here has a four-digit ID number. Doesn't matter where they are, just matters what their number is."

"And number three: no one gets out during a Facility Amber Alert. No way. And until I find the missing piece of my Lance Armstrong memorabilia collection, I ain't turning off the alert. That's it."

"Now, beat it."

-------- Head to the Lounge Area (A1)

This room looks significantly more comfortable than the laboratories and offices you've been to. Various tables and chairs are scattered around it, and a vending machine stands in one corner. A comfortable sofa beckons.

There is a lab to the east, and a noxious smell emanating from a room to the south.

>examine sofa The sofa is worn from use, but still looks quite comfortable.

>sit on sofa You settle into the sofa. You realize you're pretty exhausted after all this Mega Mutant searching. No harm in taking a short break—you've earned it! You stretch contentedly and yawn.

The door opens. It's Jenkins the Valet! You're so happy to see him.

Jenkins sits beside you. "It's been a long journey. I need a break too." He yawns.

"Tell me a story," you purr, curling up closer to Jenkins.

"Sure," he says. "Once upon a time there was a snowflake that fell from the sky to land off the Azurbala jungle. And there was also someone who didn't like the snowflake."

You sink into the soft cushions. Something shifts beneath you.

"But one other Azurbalan believed that snowflakes were special."

The couch seems to swell around you as you sink lower and lower.

"Most of the time this turned into something that became a big problem. A really big problem. A huge, huge, huge pro—"

Jenkins is cut off as the sofa grows larger and larger and swallows you both. You plunge into darkness.

>look Suddenly you're back in the break room, shaking yourself awake. Time to get moving. You stand up.

>examine vending machine This is a pretty fancy vending machine, offering high-end snacks and fancy drinks. Instead of the usual cash payment system, there's a slot labelled "Access Passes Only".

>insert red access pass into slot You try to push the access pass in, but something is blocking it.

>insert small knife into slot You carefully work the knife into the card slot, working it around whatever is in there. You lean in close, teasing at the object. There's a mechanical pop, and a yellow access pass comes shooting out of the slot, narrowly missing your head. The knife clatters to the floor, broken.

>take yellow access pass Taken.

-------- Head to the Security Office (F2)

You are in a security office. An ape sits before a row of monitors. There is an A.P.E. recruiting poster on the north wall. A whiteboard is mounted on the east wall.

There is a lab to the west.

>examine poster The poster shows a smiling ape in a lab coat. The caption reads "Come work at a hi-tech campus laboratory!" The location of the campus, indicated at the bottom of the poster, has been torn off to reveal a small slot behind the poster.

>insert yellow access pass into slot A small door in the north wall slides open soundlessly. The ape grunts. "Well, why didn't you say you had Yellow Access? Go on in."

-------- Head to Storage Room 3 (F1)

You are in a small, dimly lit storage room. From the looks of the things dumped in here, it's where all the obsolete equipment goes to rust. There is a camera mounted on the west wall. A door is open to the south.

You can see a wristband here.

>take wristband Taken.

-------- Head back to the Central security Station (B5)

>give wristband to the ape "I'll be damned." The ape leans forward conspiratorially. "It wasn't in the, um, private viewing room I set up, was it?"

He slides the box out and puts the wristband in it, then reaches back and flips a switch.

"That'll clear up my alert, for sure."

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