A.P.E.Bot Online

He's Back, Baby!

Entering the four seeds into the A.P.E.Bot activation system reveals a final code is still needed to bring it fully back online.

The final code could be generated by using the 4 seeds as a private key for an Ethereum wallet. Combining all 4 strings creates a 32-byte hex string that can be imported into any wallet software (ie. Metamask) to generate the wallet address associated to that private key. Doing so revealed the final code to activate A.P.E.Bot

Combining the 4 seeds into a single string:


which can be imported into any wallet software to reveal the wallet address:


Which brings A.P.E.Bot fully back online.


-------- Besides a garbled message that can be decoded to read "neural and exoskeletal", Doc was successfully able to reboot A.P.E.Bot. As thanks to all the scientists who put in the hard work to reboot him, he allowed both Gold and Silver keycard scientists to claim the Robot trait for their keycard.

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