The Package Arrives

The Labcoat has been obtained

The labcoat has been successfully aquired by the scientists of A.P.E. Labs and a USB stick was found sewn into the collar of the labcoat with an audio file from Avila.

Audio Transcript Avila Pires Hello, Abbott. I must start by saying that I hope this message reaches you and only you. I took great pains to hide this message. And while there is the chance it will not reach you as intended, I do hope it is you who is listening to this and not some meddlesome member of your staff.

Sometime has past since our parting of ways and since my transformation, as you would probably call it. I know you choose to regard this Mega Mutation as some kind of natural accident and an abomination. Old friend, I know that you too must be considering your present state. Are you seeing the light of it all as myself, Demon, and all of our acolytes have Abbott? Have you come to regard the transformation as a transcendence, or despite the evolution of every cell within your physical body, has your penchant for being so stubborn remain fully intact?

You reacted to your Mega Mutation as something you needed to hide, as something you needed to seal away and protect our world from. But have you taken a moment to really assess what has happened to our bodies? Have you felt the power and the strength that now courses through your every inch of being? Have you sensed the new abilities that it appears we possess, and have not only the faculty, but also an obligation to unlock?

I have used my skills and experience as a scientist to begin to research and experiment, and the initial results are extremely promising. I am convinced that the means for transcendence that you have uncovered will usher our kind into an unprecedented golden age.

I must go now, Abbott. Preparing this message and getting it delivered to you is no easy task, nor is it without risk. Many in the path, including your former friend, think you’re a threat that needs to be dealt with. Others think you’re more of a harmless nuisance who should simply be ignored. I see things differently, believing that there is hope for you, Abbott. You’re the most brilliant scientist I’ve ever worked alongside. But I’m also aware of the shortcomings that prevent you from seeing the true path. I believe you will see the promise of Mega Mutations soon enough. As someone who has constantly rationalized and promoted your life’s work as being for all ape kind, I would have thought that you could see past your fear, your uncertainty, and your doubt to realize that Mega Mutation is not a curse to our kind, but is destined to be our salvation. For all ape kind....for all ape kind.

Was that all just and act, or did you really mean it Doc? You don’t even have to agree with everything that the path says and does to see that we are the soldiers with boots on the ground who see the true meaning of for all ape kind and how it embodies our mission and everything we are working towards. Our level with you, there’s shit that even I don’t like about The Path, the hierarchy, the secrecy, and hesitancy that go hand in hand, the way some of the lower ranks worship our leader without really listening to what he’s saying, but you don’t have to be a boy scout to learn how to wittle, and you definitely don’t have to be part of The Path to embrace mutation. Just let go of the fear and the anger for a sec and consider what it could be. How apekind could grow from this. That’s all I’m asking. Please compartmentalize that incredibly stubborn nature of yours and consider everything you know with the deductive reasoning of a scientist, Dr. Gibbons. Join us Abbott. See the error of your ways before it is too late and I can no longer guarantee your protection from those who would have you erased.

Follow the path, it is the only way.

Enough of this, I’ve said my peace.

You won’t be hearing from me again like this, Abbott. But I will give you a chance in the coming weeks to join us, if you’ve wised by then.

I hope you’re as smart as I’ve given you credit for.

I hope you see the way

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