The Tiara Form

To apply, a new form is needed
A review of the 2020 application form, shows the grant is distributed by Tiara Funding. Their website is located at where a submission for the CE-6058 form can be found along with instructions.
Indicates to get form from local branch
Submitting the CE-6058 form
The CE-6058 form needs to be picked up from the the designated A.P.E. branch. Doc hasn't provided this information with his old request, so the interns must contact Tiara funding to determine which branch it theirs.
Under Construction
The Contact Us page is under construction and requires an alternate strategy to locate a contact. Review of their careers page reveals a LinkedIn link to look for a contact.
Careers with a LinkedIn link
-------- Their LinkedIn page doesn't include current employees, but contains a link to a recently written Medium article by Tiara at
LinkedIn page posts
-------- This article shares some more information behind Tiara and a link to their facebook page at to learn more
A link to their facebook page
-------- It is here that contact information is finally found with a listed phone number of (251) 312-8164
A contact phone number
-------- Texting that number yielded a response of where to send the final completed form once filled out.
A follow up text of who to email
-------- A copy of the form was now needed. Based off information from the Tiara site and previous form, an updated form could be obtained from the designated Tiara branch for A.P.E. Unfortunately, Doc's old copy was worn and the phone number was no longer fully legible, with the area code missing.
The phone number is missing two digits
Despite missing two number from the phone number, additional information about the specifics of the designate branch were also given on the form to help locate the exact city it resides.
Details about the branch
The information gives some fairly specific details about the branch recapped below: Y-Located with 227 miles of Detroit N-Located in a city which has a sister city in India Y-Located in a city which has a sister city in Italy Y-Located in what is or has ever been one of the ten most populous cities in the country N-Located in a city which has filed for bankruptcy Y-Located such that its nearest baseball team participates in the American League N-Located such that its nearest baseball team participates in the National League
Knowing it is located 227 miles from Detroit and its nearest baseball team participates in the America League quickly narrows the location down to Toronto (baseball team Blue Jays and has a sister city, Milan, in Italy)
227 mile radius from Detroit
There are only 3 Area codes in Toronto, with only one having a middle digit of 3, giving the final phone number of 437-747-8304
Area codes of Toronto
-------- Sending a text to this phone number requesting a form yielded the following response
Testing the number to get a form
Media Express Printing is a print shop located in the heart of Toronto.
Media Express Printing
-------- A visit to the print shop to get a copy of the forms gives the following set of forms, of which, only form CE-6058 is needed.
an updated CE-6058 form
Using the previous 2020 form as a reference from Doc and answering the new questions for the characteristics about the designated Tiara branch gives a completed form shown below, that when emailed to [email protected] gives a successful acceptance and grant money given to the lab.
Successfully completed form for grant money
The 2000 quickest interns were promoted to Scientists with Silver Keycard access. All Gold and Silver level Scientists were able to claim the Radioactive trait for their access keycard as thanks for securing research grant money.
2000 new silver keycards
Radioactive Trait