Exit the Lab

Time to blow this popsicle stand

If all apes have had their items returned, head to the Central Security Station (B5)

This is the facility security monitoring station. An ape sits at an official-looking counter. A computer kiosk stands alongside it.

A hallway leads north and you can see a reception area to the south.

>examine kiosk The kiosk has a sign reading FACILITY STATUS. There is a blank screen with a slot below it.

>insert red access pass into slot Your pass slides in and out. The display flickers to life. It reads FACILITY AMBER ALERT, and below that there is a list of rooms:


CLEARED: Central Security Station Head Scientist's Office Indoor Garden Kitchen Medical Monitoring Station Negative Pressure Lab Security Office Staff Break Room Staff Exercise Room

-------- Head to the Facility Entry (A6)

This is the facility entry. To the south, frosted glass doors allow sunlight in but obscure the campus beyond. Above them, a flashing panel reads "All clear. Have a nice day!"

The reception area is to the east.

>go south The doors open and you find yourself gazing at campus, blinking in the sun.

Now that you've met all those apes and helped them with what they needed, you should be able to figure out where you are, and—more importantly—where the mega mutant ape is. Good thing you kept track of all the clues!

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