Mega Swamps Cave

Finding Mega Swamps Cave

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons  It's a difficult place to find, this hideaway I'm sending you to. Goodness knows, I have walked past it a number of times while looking for it intentionally. You see, it's called a cave, but it was dug up during the construction of this park, a crevice that they piled rocks into to make it look like a wonder of nature, and it was considered one for a while until authorities got wind of all the unsavory activities that went on in there, and then they bricked it all up, covering up a mistake they once called a natural miracle.

Somewhat fitting then, that this particular individual has chosen the cave as his latest lair. The tale goes that he's been hiding himself away in hard to reach locales ever since his mutation began to overtake him, preferring jungles and swamps, or as close as you can get in the city.

It used to frustrate me greatly, the thought that someone afflicted by mega mutantcy would rather avoid the world in his state of being than try to seek out the cure. Perhaps he was hoping that time would erase the truth that it is him behind the grotesque face he sees in the mirror.

As I am now, I cannot begrudge his scooping mechanism, though they certainly are not the ones I found myself resorting to. But the time has come where we need all the help we can get, and I need to make sure he hasn't fallen into The Simian Path's hands. If he's still there, find him and ask him if he will join us on this critical mission.

-------- Doc directed teams to a place called The Ramble Cave in Central Park, to seek out the current hiding lair of Mega Swamp, another ape afflicted by the mega serum effects that Doc hopes can help stop Avila. Upon arriving, Mega Swamp is nowhere to be found but a portrait hanging on the wall, and with Doc's suggesting, tapping your phone to his eye revealed an RFID chip

After scanning the eye, A.P.E.Bot had a new set of instructions for search teams.

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