March 15-Puzzle

The First Server Hack

Doc Gibbons Good afternoon, @everyone ! Thank you all for choosing to dedicate your allegiance to the AppliedPrimate Lab, the prevention of Mega Mutation, and ultimately, the good of all apekind.

Today, we officially begin our defensive campaign against the Simian Path and their dangerous pro-Mega-Mutation beliefs that put the future of apekind in jeopardy. As an ape of peace, I had hoped this conflict could be resolved without violence, but Avila and her cabal have made it clear that they intend to battle, so we must be ready to deal with their threats.

In preparation for combat, we must first arm ourselves with my personal weapon of choice: knowledge! As you know, the Path’s attack on our South American facility triggered a lockdown of the security system that even I have been unable to override on my own. Among everything that was locked down, there is a server which contains my files on the Megas. The data in these files is exactly what we need to build an informed, logical battle strategy.

Your task today is to hack into the secure mainframe and see if you are able to locate any of my Mega-related files. Some of you may be wondering, “But Doc, if you created these documents, why do I have to hack into a ridiculously difficult security system to get them? Don’t you remember what you wrote?” Unfortunately, the stress of the past several months has taken its toll on my brain’s ability to convert short-term memory into long-term, so I urgently need your help, friends.

I am quite confident in your determination and problem solving skills, and I know that, when we work together, we can bring forth a brighter, safer future for all apekind!

Mega Gold @everyone, brothers and sisters of the Path:

Firstly, I must emphasize how proud I am of each of you for making the intelligent choice with your allegiance. The Simian Path’s mission to realize apekind’s full potential through Mega Mutation is, indeed, the only way forward.

The time has come, my friends. Today, we take our first steps toward victory against that fool Doc Gibbons, his sycophantic followers in the AppliedPrimate Lab, and their misguided goal of limiting the true power of apekind. Intensive battles await us in the near future, and it is critical that we build up as much strength as possible in advance - both physical and mental. An especially necessary asset for acuity in combat is information.

Most of you recall the Path’s triumphant victory last month, in which we infiltrated Doc’s secret South American bunker and seized the cache of Element 115 he had been selfishly hoarding. That heroic effort activated a major lockdown of the facility’s intricate security systems. Of course, such security measures are horribly inconvenient for us, since the currently inaccessible items and information there happen to be precisely what we need to defeat our foes in battle. In particular, I have determined that our ideal first target is a server that contains data detailing Megas and their abilities. Knowledge, as they say, is power.

Hacking, my friends, is the way to proceed. Fortunately, I am keenly aware of the impressive acumen and intellect you possess, so I am confident that you will be able to successfully decrypt the security system and procure these important files! Remember the reason behind this undertaking: to ensure all apes have the freedom to achieve their highest potential. With that in mind, we will be unstoppable!

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