What Will You Do Now?

After 6 failed attempts to hatch the vessel, the final question is posed of "What Will You Do Now?"

Looking closely at the 6 experiments, a unique puzzling item can be found in each.

Around and Around-CENTRIFUGE

Contains a dartboard in the background, which when the score is totaled up per standard dart rules gives the number 89

Circuit Breakers-GET AMPED

Contains three bands of Black, White and Red. This is a 3 band resistor code which when converted gives the number 92

Entrance Exam-MELTING DOWN

Contains a map of the United States highlighting Interstate 15


Contains a dial with a temperature of 71.6 F shown with the number for C scratched out. Converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius gives 22

Noise to Signal-INSULATOR

Contains a string of Morse Code that when converted gives 19

The Crashing Surf-ZAP GNARLY WAVES

Contains a phone that is dialing Singapore. Looking up the phone code for Singapore gives 65

With all 6 numbers collected of 89 92 15 22 19 65, it is determined these are all periodic table of element numbers. Converting the number to the element symbols gives

89- Ac 92- U 15- P 22- Ti 19- K 65- Tb

Which when rearranged gives the final answer of PUT IT BACK

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