March 18-Major Puzzle

The First Equipment Hack

Doc Gibbons Hello, @everyone! I am so proud of the hard work and dedication you displayed in the recent Server Hack. You proved that teamwork and integrity pay off. But our mission has only just begun.

Today’s challenge is an Equipment Hack, in which your goal is to recover items that could be of great help to us in combat. You will attempt to decode the super-secure, high-tech locks on some of the crates that I had been storing in my bunker in South America. I am afraid I do not precisely recall the contents of each crate; I was in quite a hurry while packing them and I neglected to keep a thorough inventory as I usually do with the equipment I store in the Lab. But I do know that everything in them had something to do with Megas, and that anything you find could improve our likelihood of victory in battle.

Keep up the good work. Do not lose sight of our larger goal here: the health and prosperity of all apekind. If you put in as much effort today as you did on Wednesday, I am certain that the results will be exactly as we hope.

Mega Gold Good day, @everyone. Firstly, I feel compelled to get this out of the way: I must admit, I am considerably disappointed in the results of the recent Server Hack. While I am pleased that the Path recovered some data, which I know you will use to great advantage in battle, I had expected more. We are all aware that, as brothers and sisters of the Simian Path, we share an intellectual capacity to understand concepts that other apes cannot. However, we must not rest on our laurels.

But enough about the past. Let us concentrate wholeheartedly on overcoming the challenges to come. Today’s Equipment Hack has the potential to provide us with Mega-related items and resources that could secure our victory in battle. Using your fine-tuned logic and reasoning skills, you will be tasked with decoding complex locking mechanisms on crates from Doc’s South American bunker facility and seizing their contents.

The time has come to truly devote our focus to the mission of the Path, demonstrate our superior abilities, and take what we rightfully deserve. I implore each one of you to reach out and check in with your fellow Path members; make sure they are present and ready to dominate today. The Path needs you. Our plans must not be thwarted!

The Hack

There are six crates, each locked with a five-character combination lock. A seventh crate sits to the side, sealed with a digital entry pad that allows passwords of any length.

A search through the archives reveals several interesting items from the past. These might be useful.

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