Battle Reports

A Recap of the Mega Mutant Melee

Hominid Resources Hello @everyone! As your designated battle coordinator, it brings me great joy to share more information on the structure of the conflict we have organized for you.

As you know, the Simian Path’s attack on AppliedPrimate’s secret facility in South America triggered a security failsafe that locked down each of the Mega-Mutant-related files and items contained within.

Any of the locked-down content could be helpful in battle, so in the coming weeks, you and your faction will attempt to override the security systems in the following ways: Server hacks: breaking into the facility’s server to access files of information on Megas and their strengths and weaknesses. Equipment hacks: dismantling complex locks on crates storing powerful items that can be equipped in battle.

Please see the calendar below for the schedule of hacks and battles. As a battle approaches, your faction will vote in advance on major strategic decisions, such as which Megas will attack and which items they equip. Tactical decisions, like responses to attacks, will be made in real time during battle. Each battle will last 60-120 minutes and will be overseen by a neutral party. Rewards will be awarded based on a faction’s performance in hacks and in battle.

One more announcement: On Friday, you will officially select your faction role. This means that you will have access to new Melee-related Discord channels for your faction, as well as features in the Intranet like faction-specific voting. Once you have made your faction selection, it is permanent and cannot be changed.

I’ve recorded an audio message that goes into more detail about this information; please listen below:

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