Unearthly Mutations

These clues have undergone mutations

Each phrase coming through suffered a mutation, but as Doc said, an observant scientist could determine the root cause and replicate it. Each phrase had a specific set of mutations applied, which when reversed, revealed a legible clue. Answering this clue, would give a word, that applying the original mutation process to, would result in a constellation in space. Fortunately, each phrase gave us the indicated length of the final mutated constellation output along with what letters to extract from it.

For example: GREIEKWIARGIOD (5|2,3) can be read as GREEK WAR GOD that has been mutated by inserting an "I" two letters from the end of each word in the phrase. The answer to this phrase is ARES, which when mutated per the original rule and adding an "I" two from the end, gives the final constellation of ARIES (which is 5 in length as indicated by the 5 in the parenthesis). All that is left is to extract the letters in position 2 and 3 (is instructed by the 2,3 in parenthesis) to get the letters RI. The full list of mutations can be found below:

Extracting on the indicated letters from the mutated constellations yields the phrase


which is referring to KUIPERS BELT which must be where the portal leads.

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