🔎Report 08: Hunt for the Megas-Swamp

Where is Mega Swamp?

Summary (tl;dr) Jenkins has been recruited by Doc to locate the four Mega Mutants to help in the fight against The Simian Path.

In a preparation for things to come, Doc upgrades A.P.E.Bot 1.0 to A.P.E.Bot 2.0 (with weapons)

Doc needs the help of the Mega's as they are the only one's powerful enough to destroy the almost indestructible Element 115, a key ingredient to creating the Mega Serum. Right when Jenkins is to begin the search, a hole is ripped in the fabric of space for him to jump through. He begins to hop through these portals to work his way closer to find the Mega.

After multiple jumps through portals, and a bit of flag waving, Jenkins realize all that needed to be said was OPEN SESAME to open yet another portal in space, but this time garbled message are coming through, almost as if they had been mutated. After using the power of science to reverse the mutations, a new message was found saying RINGS OUTSIDE NEPTUNES ORBIT, a reference to KUIPERS BELT out there.

Jenkins determined this must be where the portal leads, but more information kept spilling out of the portal, this time multiple images. These images were from Haruki Murakami and his many books, where after uncovering the truth hidden within, the message KAWANISHI KOMBI was found, a reference to WAGYU beef.

After learning our Mega was a fan of Murakami and Wagyu beef, on final transmission came through the portal. This message told Jenkins to check out a disturbance in the A.P.E. Chat room, specifically the board where scientists post their daily Wordle results. A suspicious message had been posted there, leading him on a cryptic chase through TikTok, Instagram, Imgur, Mastadon, and Twitter. After coming to an end on a previous GoblinTown New Years Eve tweet, with way too much Goblin booty twerking, the butts needed were found and Mega Swamp was discovered to be hiding in DEL MAR, California!

Unfortunately, Jenkins and Doc aren't the only ones searching for Megas, with Mega Gold and Jenkins the Mutant hot on their tails. Jenkins the Mutant shows up later to make Mega Swamp an offer directly from Mega Gold.

As thanks to all the scientists who put in the hard work to locate Mega Swamp, Doc allowed both Gold and Silver keycard scientists to claim the Swamp trait for their keycard.

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