A Thanksgiving Message

Doc has a message for the lab

Audio Transcript β€ŠThese remarks will take approximately two minutes and unknown seconds.

Doc Gibbons Scientists and employees, Happy Thanksgiving. As I speak, lab issued protective gear has shipped and might already be in your possession, wear them well and continue to follow all safety directions in and around the lab. Whenever I welcome a new garment into my wardrobe, I always take the greatest care when washing it for the first time, I make sure to heed directions.

While we have been very hard at work behind the scenes, you all have been very hard at work as well. I am most appreciative of how you've shared the story of Applied Primate with so many of your friends, which has resulted in so many amazing new people joining us. It all started a few weeks ago when we got Meta Discovered, and then Dre's empire, Ape Tank, ethprinter, and the Space Riders all came charging through.

It's been a pleasure to have you through the lab so far. The winners of our referral drives deserve special mention: Greystache, killforcookies, me too, Maexwell, Lk, and BigBoyChinese. I applaud you. It was also a pleasure to honor a number of our scientists. It was a pleasure to award Lk again, maquiavel, and SombreroTekila and the other recipients were all more than deserving of their prizes.

I am grateful for the support and efforts of Shibolet, Norsa, LetMeDo, AnthonyDark, and everyone who worked towards our growth. Yes, you too Sombrero, hang in there small pepe. I would like to wish you and your families and friends the most wonderful Thanksgiving Holidays. Let us all embark upon our first unofficial mission as collective scientists at Applied Primate to remind everyone that the idea that Tryptophan makes you sleepy is but a myth.

Enjoy the holidays my friends. In closing, in the interest of our safety and security, VonDoom asked me to remind you all that there will never be any surprise mint, means whatever that means, and do not click on links. Take care. I'll see you around the lab.

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