🌎Report 12: Megas Assemble!

Megas Assemble!

Summary (tl;dr) The Megas arrive at the secret location to meet Doc, but unfortunately the door is locked. Using the phrases the Doc had previous left for scientists to discover, and a clue to the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the final phrase needed to enter was found, APERTURE.

Doc and Jenkins were waiting for the Megas, and planned to use their help to destroy Element 115 once and for all. However, Mega Gold and Jenkins the Mutant arrived shortly after to confront Doc, and in turn both Mega Swamp and Solomon chose to join Mega Gold and The Path.

A fight ensued with Mega Death Bot attempting to take out Mega Gold and Mega Swamp and Solomon challenging Mega Noise and Mega Electric. Mega Gold shouted FLAGS OF DISCONTENT, to active a trojan horse within Mega Death Bot's source code, turning him to side of The Path, and against Doc, Jenkins, Mega Noise, and Mega Electric.

This turn of events caught Doc off guard, and in the confusion, Mega Gold, Jenkins the Mutant, Mega Death Bot, Mega Swamp, and Solomon escaped from the battle with Element 115 intact.

Defeated, Doc returned to the lab where he worked with Maui Prime to flush the code for A.P.E.Bot 1.0 and power him back on as the other two Megas rested. War was coming and sides must be chosen.

As thanks to all the scientists who put in the hard work to bring all the Megas together, Doc allowed both Gold and Silver keycard scientists to claim the Death Bot trait for their keycard.

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