The Craigslist Chase

The contents of the locker had been placed for sale on craigslist

Searching craiglist in the local LA area turned up a labcoat for sale

This link directed to contact

"matt (dot) g (dot) laxls at gee male" (

to buy the labcoat where they responded:

Hi, sorry, that item was already sold. The guy who bought it thought it might've belonged to some guy named Arthur Pardee and was going to go to some historical society in the guy's birthplace to confirm it. If it's not genuine then he might try to put it back on Craigslist though, so you may have another shot. Let me know if you're interested in anything else. Matt

-------- Arthur Pardee was born in Chicago, where scanning the local craignslist ads there turned up the new buyer listing it for sale again.

This new craigslist listing directed you to contact

"text me at three won too ate five for seven won six zero. dont call i get too much spam." (312-854-7160)

for inquiries, where texting gave the following response:

-------- Calling 256-252-3165 led to a person answering with the following response

Audio Transcript Hello? hello!. Sorry I can’t quite hear you. Oh, you want to know about the lab coat. Sorry, but I don’t have it anymore. There’s something wrong with the collar. Something poking her in the back of the neck. Leave it to my brother in milwaukee. He’s good at turning up cash on craigslist. MILWAUKEE. Did you… what..Sorry i ca….

-------- Searching the Milwaukee area craigslist ads turns up this same labcoat for sale yet again.

This new posting provided additional info about something being sewn into the caller and to contact:

Selling a lab coat with the letters A. P. on the breast pocket. The coat has seen some wear, and has a slight odor. Additionally, there seems to be something hard and rectangular sewn into the collar. Please inquire at p e t e One word, no hyphens or periods. f i l a d e l f o (at) g m a i l (

-------- Sending an email to the address gave the following response

Apologies, the lab coat just sold. I’ll take down the listing this evening so that no one else is misled. The woman who bought it implied that it was special somehow, and that she was going to give it to the proper recipient. According to her the coat belonged to a well known figure in an organization called The Road? Or maybe it was The Path. In any case, if you’re really interested in this specific lab coat, she said she was going to put it on OfferUp once she got back home to Salt Lake City. Otherwise, have a good rest of your day. Sincerely, Peter

-------- Waiting for the new owner to get back to Salt Lake City, Peter followed up his original email.

Hey, Sorry to bother you but some weird things are happening with this lab coat you were inquiring about. The lady I sold it to called screaming that it was stolen from her by some funny looking ape with a red handprint on his shirt, as if that's my responsibility... Anyway, just wanted to update you since I said it would be posted on offerup and it seems that's not happening. honestly everything about this lab coat gives me the willies, I would recommend you stay away from it!!! Good Luck! Pete

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