🔎Report 10: Hunt for the Megas-Zombie

Where is Mega Zombie?

Summary (tl;dr) Not even 12 hour later and Jenkins had already uncovered information he believed to lead to the third Mega. This time he sent A.P.E.Bot 2.0 to chase down the lead as he continued to looks for clues in Doc's office. Jenkins had found a clue titled Earth's Mightiest Herons that A.P.E.Bot believed to be related to birds. People may sometimes mistake Superman for a bird or plane, but this list in fact was disguised superheroes. Going through the list and uncovering their true identities revealed the message FIND BLACK TEMPLE GATE. Right away, A.P.E.Bot knew that The Path held information to the Megas location as the Black Temple was the birthplace of The Path and ran by the Mutant Cartel. Using rumors shared by darkfang himself, scientist approached the Black Temple Gate.

Showing support by flashing the symbol for The Path, they were granted entry. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the Mega was not there. But a message was left behind on a pillar as to where to look to find them.

Looking within the core (or center), the message BON VOYAGE was found, indicating the Mega was a fan of traveling. This led to reviewing a travel journal that appeared to have been written by the Mega, where they showed fascination towards the subway map that hung on Docs wall and the adventures it could lead to.

Cross-referencing the Subway map with descriptions about daily adventures the Mega took, a local food favorite of the Mega was identified as BIBIMBOP. Jetting off to Seoul, South Korea, A.P.E.Bot discovers a secret location where he is able to gain access to a terminal filled with pirated videos.

While the SNL skits were funny, the name of a person was discovered within them of COLIN JOST, who turned out to be an ape in disguise and gave A.P.E.Bot the location of a fortune cookie making shop located in Orangurock.

Helping the shop owner fix their misprinted Fortune Haiku's, A.P.E.Bot identified multiple world capitals that spelled out the message HAIKOU's PROVINCE, a reference to HAINAN, which is where Mega Zombie was found!

As thanks to all the scientists who put in the hard work to locate Mega Zombie, Doc allowed both Gold and Silver keycard scientists to claim the Zombie trait for their keycard.

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