The Confrontation

Mega Gold confronts Doc

Mega Noise Whoa, whoa, whoa, the door's opening!

Solomon What in there?

Mega Electric My intellectual curiosity is piqued!

Mega Swamp Is it just me or is there, like, a super intense vibe in the air?

Doc Gibbons Welcome -

Mega Noise Hey, it’s Doc! Dope! What up, man?

Solomon AAAAAH! Me can’t believe it really Doc. 🧠 : Hello, I guess.

Mega Electric Greetings, Doc! It is an honor to be in the presence of such an esteemed ape of science.

Mega Swamp Whoa, dude, this is kinda trippy.

Jenkins the Valet Hey settle down everyone!

Doc Gibbons Thank you all for being here. It is of utmost importance that we destroy Element 115 so that no more Mega Serum can be manufactured. Our powers would surely be dangerous if they were to end up in the wrong hands.

Mega Gold Well, well, well, what have we here? It appears to be a little party.

Jenkins the Mutant Our invitations must have gotten lost in the mail!

Doc Gibbons Avila! What are you doing here?!

Mega Gold Who gets to decide which hands are right and wrong? You? Gibbons, you fool, you are not as powerful as you think.

Jenkins the Mutant It wasn’t hard to convince these two to join us in The Simian Path.

Mega Swamp Yeah, they have some pretty rad ideas that I straight up vibe with, man.

Solomon Me join Path! 🧠 : It...makes sense.

Mega Electric I'm shocked... literally!

Mega Noise Yikes!

Mega Death Bot Defensive maneuvers activated, stun ray engaged.

Mega Swamp Whoa, watch out!

Mega Gold A stun ray? Wow, very original.

Mega Noise Go, Apebot!

Solomon Bad bot! CRONCH 🧠 : Ow! Maybe biting is not the best way to attack someone made of metal.

Mega Death Bot I will not be defeated! Reinforcing defensive maneuvers.

Mega Electric Succeed, Apebot!

Mega Swamp Hey, bot dude, you're really harshing my mellow.

Doc Gibbons STOP! AT ONCE!

Mega Gold Your weakness is painfully obvious. The Simian Path shall succeed!

Mega Noise SOUNDS like I need to step in here! Unhand the bot!

Solomon Me no like this! 🧠 : Don't be a coward.

Mega Electric The energy coursing through me is so powerful!

Mega Swamp This is so not the vibe, man.

Mega Gold Flags of discontent! RISE, DEATHBOT!

Jenkins the Mutant Now this is the kind of chaos I'm here for!

Mega Death Bot HTK APHT DO HTK LPG! (The Path is the Way!)

Mega Noise What?! No! OWW!

Mega Electric This is excruciatingly painful!

Mega Gold Most excellent! We will be victorious!

Mega Gold Onwards!

Mega Swamp Peace out, dorks.

Solomon 🧠 : Alright, let's get moving. GO! GO! GO!

Jenkins the Mutant Element 115 is all ours now!

Doc Gibbons Avila! What have you done?!

Mega Gold Doc, the Path is the only future for Apekind. Our victory is inevitable. Reconsider your position or get out of our way.

Mega Noise Ugh... my head... my ears are ringing.

Mega Electric I've been overpowered! Everything hurts.

Doc Gibbons It is as I feared: that creature is Avila no more…

Doc Gibbons We need to purge the virus from the Apebot source code and reinstall it into the original Apebot frame. Perhaps you can add some more weapons modifications to it? We are going to need them soon, I fear…

Maui Prime Ok, Doc. I’ll see what I can do.

Mega Robot What... What happened? ... Doc! I am so glad to see you.

Doc Gibbons Welcome back, old friend. I guess not all upgrades are a good idea.

Doc Gibbons Rest up and recover, everyone. Now, we must go on the offensive. Mega Gold and the Path must be stopped once and for all.

To be continued...

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