Finding the Pinwheels

Do I really need instructions?

Head to the Staff Break Room (C5)

A sign on the wall reads "Break Room - Staff Only". There is a table in the center of the room with an ape standing beside it.

Exits lead north, east and south.

>examine ape He's got some leaves in his hair, and is relaxing smoking a pipe.

This identifies the ape as 4946

>talk to ape "Hi hi hi. It's party day and we're all set for a celebration. Really we are—doesn't it look great great great?!"

The ape pauses.

"I know, I know, I know. We're missing the pinwheels. I feel SO bad about it and I triggered the alert and then I thought well I can make them MYSELF, but I didn't have the supplies and really who am I kidding I don't have any IDEA how to make pinwheels I'm hardly crafty at all I just bought all this stuff straight from the store so what can I do do do?"

The ape sighs.

"Until I get those pinwheels that damn alert isn't going to be cleared."

-------- Head to the Reception Area 2 (C6)

A reception desk sits in the middle of the room.

Exits lead west, north, and east.

>examine desk It's a big reception desk with a paperweight on it.

>move paperweight It's heavy, but you are able to slide it to one side.

>take paper Taken.

-------- Head to the Cubicles (B3)

You are in an office with rows of identical cubicles with identical chairs and identical desks. Each cubicle has a little bulletin board with pushpins in it.

An exit leads east and a hallway extends to the south.

>examine bulletin board They are all identical, stamped with the A.P.E. logo. Each has several pushpins in it.

>take pushpins You take several pushpins.

-------- Head to the Physics Lab (B1)

A large sign on the wall reads "Applied Primate Engineering - Physics Lab" and beneath that "A University-A.P.E. Collaboration." Various physics experiments have been set up in the room, some of them quite hi-tech. In one lo-tech corner is a table.

Exits lead east and west.

>examine table It's a small table with a storage drawer beneath it and a half-finished model of the Eiffel Tower on top of it.

>open drawer The storage drawer is filled with model-making supplies, including some balsa rods.

>take the balsa rods Taken.

-------- Head to the Admin Office (C2)

This room appears to be the administrative offices for the facility. Various desks are positioned around the room. A large table sits in the center.

There are lab rooms to the north and east. A third exit leads south.

>examine table The table is strewn with several uninteresting looking documents. A large book underneath them catches your eye.

>examine book The book is titled "How to Make Anything: Crafts for All Apekind". If you know what thing you want to make, you can look it up by typing HOW TO MAKE [thing].

>how to make pinwheels You turn to page 39. Following the directions, you carefully fold a piece of paper into a four-pointed star, then affix it to a balsa rod using a push pin. You blow, and the wheel spins delightfully. After a few minutes, you've made several pinwheels.

-------- Head back to the Staff Break Room (C5)

>give pinwheels to the ape "Oh oh oh hi hi hi they are SO FUN FUN FUN!" The ape blows on a pinwheel and watches it spin.

"Thank you thank you thank you. Now the alert can be shut off and we'll be able to party party party!"

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