April 1-Major Puzzle

The Third Equipment Hack

Doc Gibbons My friends, @Lab Allegiance, a momentous challenge is upon us. The final remaining crates from our bunker need to be unlocked. If I recall correctly, these contain some of the most fascinating scientific breakthroughs in battle technology, of which we are in dire need as we head into the culmination of the past several weeks’ conflict. We have been consistently excelling at these hacks; now, consider all of your previous successes as rehearsal for this one. This is our last chance to give ourselves the best odds of defeating the Path and their dangerous ideas once and for all. The difference between opening a crate and not opening a crate could lead to the difference between winning and losing a battle, which in turn would lead to the difference between a safe, healthy future for all apekind and our ghastliest dystopian nightmare. Go forth and do what is right, for all apekind!

Mega Gold Attention, all valiant warriors of the @Path Allegiance! The time has come for our final chance to provide our glorious faction with the greatest possible chance to secure a well-deserved victory. Only a few crates remain, and based on my research, they are likely to contain items even more valuable than those we have seen in our battles thus far. Obviously, we are far stronger than Gibbons’s army of bookworms, but items of such intensity in their hands could easily grant them the edge they need to overpower us. We absolutely cannot allow a task as mundane as decrypting some high-tech locks to result in our ultimate defeat. Our cause is far too crucial for that sort of pathetic downfall. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we put the effort of our entire collective minds into this Equipment Hack. The future of the Simian Path, our vital mission, and all of apekind depend on you in this moment!

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