HR Forms

Initial onboarding Questionnaires

Audio Transcript Host Hello, welcome.

Honesty. Accountability. Transparency. Equanimity.

These aren't just words here at Applied Primate Engineering, they are cherished values.

We walk with them, we talk with them, we fill out forms with them. Please keep them in mind as you enter the required biographical information. Take pride as you list your affiliations. Write with dignity as you provide your blood type information and reflect with fervor as you submit to the IQ test.

Please answer honestly and openly to all questions and know that these answers will be reviewed by only our professionals in the Hominid Resources Department from your expert hands to theirs. Your personal information will be treated with the same care we would extend to the data of our closest friends and family.

Family, that's another cherished value.

Welcome to ours.

Oh, what a day, your first day of onboarding. I can't wait to see your finished forms. Goodbye.

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