🕶️Report 06a: Infiltration

Mega Gold infiltrates Seed 2 team

Mega Gold had a new mission to infiltrate the collection team in charge of recovering Seed 2 to bring A.P.E.Bot back online.

Mega Gold

It's Doc who should be concerned. I have formulated a plan to make sure we continue to be one step ahead of A.P.E. at every turn. Stay tuned for instructions!! This assignment is the perfect opportunity we've been waiting for to use our influence for our own ends. More soon. The path is the way.

Mega Gold had a plan to use this opportunity to find the Third A.P.E.Bot seed before Doc Gibbons.

Mega Gold

I am very pleased that our agents @OnsenMonkey🐒♨ and @apescout have made themselves available to be our eyes and ears in the field. The time is not yet ripe for our actual intervention. But it shall come soon. Stay the course and keep your cover, in the name of The Simian Path!

With Chosen scientists in the field, Mega Gold was able to intercept the recovery of the burner phone and determine the location of the meet for Seed 3 ahead of time to place Chosen scientists there first.

Mega Gold

Now that the next location has been found, we must intercept.

We have used our undetected influence to give us the time needed to infiltrate.

We need someone we can trust...IN Singapore.

We must locate and identify the one who will walk a shadowed path for us.

Are you out there among THE CHOSEN?

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