Grant Request

The lab needs money from a grant

The Institute for Anthropoid Research and Advancement is the organization that has funded most of Applied Primate Engineering’s work thus far. Grant applications are due November 23rd, 2022. We ask that everyone please contribute to the application process. Please listen to the below audio for a more in-depth look into what funding means to us.

Unfortunately, with the events of 2022, we’ve misplaced a lot of our contacts and information for funding, and all we’ve been able to locate is this grant application from 2020. Can you use the information on this form to figure out where and how to submit this year’s form, and then do it? To increase the chances of funding, everyone should submit their own application – although you may have to work together at first. Try to get as much money as possible.

Audio Transcript Host What a joy it is to speak with you again. Coincidentally, that's exactly what I wanted to speak with you about today.

Joy. Joy. Joy. Joy.

Also boundless optimism and sincere admiration. Admiration not just for the work you've done here already, but for the work you will so proficiently accomplish in the future. The mission of Applied Primate Engineering is of vital importance and will never be compromised. That said, we do of course have certain costs that need to be covered in order to maintain this mission.

While it is not our lab's daily focus, the pursuit of outside funding is vital to our continued success. Thus, the activity for today. So, please put your best foot forward and experience the joy of securing funding for all Apekind.

Similarly vital is that all employees understand the ecosystem here at A.P.E. The strong, independent, value driven environment we thrive in, but does happen to require the occasional but significant infusion of cash. This vital funding comes from grantmaking institutions, and some of them, well, they occasionally require extra encouragement. I understand it's not everyone's favorite, but let's put a brave face forward and hit it head on. Today we ask for money.

Joy. Joy. Joy. Joy.


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