A Fruity Jigsaw

The hunt to find the third A.P.E.Bot seed

Agent 00Ape provided scientists an envelope with six image squares without context. Soon after, Doc Gibbons received an email from the agents also with additional images that he began to forward to some scientists for help.

In total, 36 image pieces were shared by 00Ape. Reassembling the tiles revealed an image of Serene Gardens in Singapore with a message ONE PM BRING FRUIT

-------- Prior to departure, the burner phone that was covertly acquired in London previously rang with a message

The meeting at 1pm has been delayed to 1pm on December 10th

This most likely delayed due to concerns about interference from The Path.

-------- Scientists rendezvoused a day later at 1PM local time at Serence Garden to meet the contact. Upon handing a banana to the contact, they were given a USB drive and warned that someone was following them, likely from The Path, and to ensure they were in a safe place before looking at the contents on the drive. The scientists, taking note at who was pointed out was following them, made some quick maneuvers to lose the tail and safely download the files from the USB.

On the USB was the third A.P.E.Bot backup seed 97ff08152f55cb2fa along with two other files needed to locate the fourth and final piece of the A.P.E.Bot backup seed.

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