King Kong Skyscraper

Pretending to be part of the path

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons  I know that some consider this sort of thing perverse or masochistic. But an ape can't think about New York City without thinking about the big one, the skyscraper for a king. The infamous climb that started it all, where mutant apes entered into the consciousness of the world. I'm talking about King Kong of course.

Some say he was the first mutant. Who knows how that could have happened, but there is no denying he was an impossible size. Gentle heart, yes, but with an incredible temper and we all remember how that ended. The world did not take kindly to that mutant ape, it gunned him down. I do not know much about the Simian Path, but I do know that the sight of the King's death has become a pilgrimage for them as twisted as that may seem

We must investigate. Good luck.

-------- Doc directs search teams to the Empire State Building, a well known pilgrimage stop for The Path members. Doc recommends pretending to be part of the path and saying "I'm ready to ascend" to be treated as one of their own and be directed to where Avila may have headed next.

Arriving at the Empire State Building and saying "I'm ready to ascend" to the local tour guide presented search teams with a pamphlet.

The back of the pamphlet has a note to read all the reasons and make the BOLD choice. Reading the first letter of the notes which are bolded gives the following message BRAILLE WINDOWS Looking at the front of the pamphlet reveals windows that are actually braille letters ( that once decoded gives the message


The actress Ann Darrow played Fay Wray in the movie King Kong.

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