📋Report 04a: Recruitment

Mega Gold attempts to lure scientists to The Path

Shortly after Doc Gibbons onboarded 2000 new scientists to the lab, Mega Gold infiltrated the results of the Onboarding Ethics Questionnaire to identify those scientists whose views most closely aligned with The Path to extend an invitation to join.

Those scientists who sought to seek out The Path and pledge their loyalty, we ushered into a secret meeting in the lab to hear a message from Mega Gold.

Mega Gold


You are invited into the Simian Path.

The time for The Path to rise is nearly upon us, and for us to succeed in our goals to spread the true message of mega mutation, an army of covert operatives is essential to our plans. If you are reading this message, you have been enlisted to this shadow army.

Our preparations are nearly complete and the entirety of all Apekind will soon learn what we have been working towards while in hiding these last few months. A new age is imminent, my friends, one we not only herald but one that is aching for us to invoke! The idea that we must slowly and methodically delay the inevitable is a fool’s errand. The time is now!

Protect our secrets at all costs and stay loyal to the Simian Path. Understand that The Path is not only a road to our future, but it is also the way that brought us together.

Heed my warning: Admittance to The Path should not be taken lightly and must be protected under a veil of extreme secrecy AT ALL COSTS.

ANY attempts to alert the staff at Applied Primate or that buffoon, Doc Gibbons, will result in immediate expulsion from the group. If you are disloyal or if you betray our bond, you will be exiled – NEVER to return.

For the Simian Path to succeed, an infiltration of Applied Primate was necessary and essential to our plans. While at Applied Primate as my former self, I hid an undiscoverable back door that provides us access to the systems, even after they were rebooted earlier this fall. YOU, my friend, have been selected based on the answers on the ethics portion of your onboarding questionnaire. You, shall we say, "fit the profile."

Please make yourselves comfortable in our safe haven from the endless prattling of Gibbons and his sycophantic staff. Further instructions shall be forthcoming.

We are all on the path together, MEGA GOLD


After a week of building forces, Mega Gold rallied the Chosen for an upcoming mission

Mega Gold

Ha! Doc Gibbons is oblivious to our growing power within the lab!

His hubris blinds him to the fact that the REAL success story is that of The Path and The Chosen, who hide in plain sight within his precious Applied Primate Engineering.

Gibbons and his @Scientists have NO idea that we are @here and we have secured complete access to the lab systems and ALL of his encrypted files.

While they all sycophantically look forward to what Abbott and his team have planned for next Wednesday, I want you all, the true faithful, to prepare yourselves for OUR OWN mission in one week’s time.

The “good” Doctor and his inexperienced crew of @Scientists have no idea we are MULTIPLE steps ahead of him and aware of his every move.

The long-simmering plans of the Simian Path will soon come to an earth-shattering boil!

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