Finding the Mezzaluna

Why are these pillows so sharp?

Head to the Kitchen (D3)

The smell of delicious home cooking greets you as you enter. A large pot simmers on the stove. An ape stands at a cutting board, painstakingly slicing herbs and vegetables with a small knife.

There is one exit to the north.

>examine ape He's biting his lower lip and has coins blocking his eyes.

This identifies the ape as 6715

>talk to the ape "Can't talk. Busy making soup. Hard work with this small knife. Can't find a better tool, though. Must be lost. Or taken. Bring it if you find it."

-------- Head to the Reception Area 1 (D3)

This welcoming room is the facility reception area. Warm light emanates from an unseen source. A sign reads "Welcome to the University-A.P.E. Facility".

There is a long sofa with a coffee table in front of it. Soft music plays.

There is a hallway to the north, an office to the east, and a sliver of sunlight from the west.

>examine sofa It's a comfy-looking sofa.

On the sofa are a pillow labelled A, a pillow labelled P and a pillow labelled E.

>examine pillow E It's a round lumpy pillow with an E on it. You see a loose thread.

>pull thread The seam unravels as you tug on the thread. The pillow practically falls apart in your hands, and a mezzaluna drops out.

>take mezzaluna Taken.

-------- Head back to the Kitchen (D3)

>give mezzaluna to the ape "Unsanitary! Can't use it. Clean it first."

The ape continues painstakingly chopping the vegetables and herbs with the small knife. They haven't gotten very far.

-------- Head to the Storage Room 1 (F3)

You are in a small storage room. Shelves line the walls, stacked high with medical supplies and laboratory equipment. There is a hallway to the west.

A pile of crates is lined up against one wall.

>examine crates The heavy wooden crates are stamped with the logo of Applied Primate Engineering.

>move crates Grunting with effort you push the heavy wooden crates to one side. Behind them is a fuel tank.

>take fuel tank Taken.

-------- Head to the Engine Room (A5)

This room couldn't be more different from the supercomputer room to the north. Noisy with the grinding of old machinery, it is lit by an old electric bulb hanging from the ceiling. A puddle of unknown liquid is spread on the floor, and walls are grimy with decades-old grease.

There is an exit north.

>examine puddle It looks like some kind of fuel has leaked from an engine along one wall.

>examine engine You look more closely and realize that amid the grinding and clanking machinery an engine labelled "Facility Water Supply" is sputtering and stalling. It appears to be running low on fuel. There is an intake valve on the side of the engine.

>insert fuel into engine You lift the tank of fuel you've been carrying around and pour the contents into the engine. It hiccups and coughs a few times before settling into a steady rhythm.

You take the empty tank.

-------- Head to the Indoor Garden (C3)

You are in a lush indoor garden, rich with plant life from across the globe. In one corner an ape is tending a display.

A small fountain bubbles in the center of the room.

There are exits to the north, west, and south.

>wash mezzaluna in fountain You rinse the dirt from the mezzaluna and shake it dry.

-------- Head back to the Kitchen (D3)

>give mezzaluna to ape "Beautiful! That's the utensil I've been looking for!" The ape gives you the knife they had been using.

The ape chops rapidly and happily.

"I'll tell security they can turn off the Facility Amber Alert, at least for me. And if you stick around for a while, I'll give you some delicious soup."

The ape makes short work of the herbs and vegetables, tossing them into the pot.

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