Travel to Brazil

Doc briefly explored Ape Cave before moving again

P.Rylands @everyone you can stop harassing me for news cause ive actually got some now. the left note was found in ape cave, by sam h-c who busted his ass looking for clues so thanks sam. the right one i found in avilas desk under a bunch of other stuff but it looks like dr. gibbons handwriting so its probably something she was trying to hide from us. im thinking one or both of these might help us figure out where he went after washington and if we can figure that out we can warn him about avila.

Researching the work of Schneider and Milton led to research about two New World Monkeys, commonly found in Brazil. The remaining monkeys on the list were also New World Monkeys, many that were displayed at the Emílio Goeldi Museum in Brazil, which was where Doc was finally found. Doc Gibbons Hello @everyone, I understand you've been looking for me. I have some thoughts for you, if you'll indulge listening to me ramble one more time.

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons  Hello, all. I understand you've been listening to some of the memos I took down, so you should know who is speaking to you. If not, then this next statement should make it obvious. I am the man you have been pursuing for the past month, Dr. Abbott Gibbons, or Radioactivist. Apparently some of you have been referring to me.

And thanks to all of your work, I have been found. Avila, and a few other members of that infernal Simian Path were waiting for me when I arrived in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is a big city and I was able to keep them at bay for a few days. But before I could reach out to my friends in the area, they found me.

The agents of the path assaulted me, stole my vial of serum that had become my sole reason for life during my crusade, and then they left me in the streets of São José dos Campos. I, I was nothing to them since I was no longer in their way. After the incident, I was able to make it to my friend's residence in Berlin, and it was there after a few days of recovery and wallowing that I was contacted by the rest of my staff.

They told me of being hoodwinked by Avila of running themselves ragged across the globe of recruiting hundreds of strangers to help search for me under the impression that I was in danger and needed saving. I will admit. I was angry and distrustful at them, and especially at the rest of you, you strangers who, who had made my flight so much harder, but eventually I could not hold it against them, they were so ashamed to have put me in further danger while wanting so desperately to bring me home safe and sound, and when they started telling stories of you, I found I could no longer begrudge you either.

Not after hearing about azfnft, and hibijibi, who had volunteered their help from start despite knowing next to nothing about the situation. Or ziot who became a powerhouse of investigation despite arriving late to the scene, not after hearing of JTobcat, who despite frequently being the first to provide Avila with information, was also the first to expose her. Or Mistaken_President, who was a great vocal help during the reboot procedures of A.P.E.Bot.

Not, not after becoming aware of NFTpain, his username gave me a good chuckle or brokenomics who seems to have developed a love hate relationship with my intern Alex. I, I cannot hold it against any of you that you were trying to do good.

Which is why, which is why I'm asking you to help me. Sincerely this time. I know where The Path has gone with my serum and what they intend to do with it. I need your help on the 20th of June in New York City to stop them. If you can meet my staff at Pier 17, we can organize to stop them before they have time to enact anything.

I understand that this is a lot to ask of some of you. But if you can, please help me.

For the Good of All Ape Kind.

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