Finding the Beanstalk

Is the ape named Jack?

Head to the Indoor Garden (C3)

You are in a lush indoor garden, rich with plant life from across the globe. In one corner an ape is tending a display.

A small fountain in the center of the room has run dry.

There are exits to the north, west, and south.

>examine ape He's got gray fur and psychedelic headwear.

This identifies the ape as 7553

>talk to ape "Welcome, welcome! This is my favorite spot in the whole facility."

The ape fusses with the display.

"Sadly, this little fairy tale display I'm making is incomplete. Someone ran off with the last plant I needed. Hopefully the Amber Alert will capture them, but in the meantime I need a replacement."

-------- Head to the Biomedical Lab (E2)

You are in a biomedical laboratory, with all kinds of biomedical laboratory equipment in various states of use.

There is an office to the east, a laboratory to the west, and a hallway to the south.

A whiteboard is mounted on one wall.

>examine whiteboard Someone has written a message on the whiteboard: "Remember: use ALARM CODE 0876 for DOC."

-------- Head to the Super Computer (A4)

A low and constant hum emanates from a large supercomputer in the center of the room. Lights emanate from an unknown source. Everything is shiny and clean.

There are exits to the north and south.

>examine supercomputer The workings of this hi-tech supercomputer are well above your pay grade. Among all the lights and switches you notice one panel blinking red.

>examine panel The panel flashes "Lockdown Exam Room B: Unknown Substance Detected. Type Alarm Code to Override."

There is a keypad with the numbers 0-9 on it.

>type 0876 The panel clears and then flashes "Exam Room B Lockdown Cleared" in green.

-------- This unlocks the door to enter Exam Room B (F5), head there now.

You are in an examination room, similar to the one you began in.

On the table is a small pile of beans.

>take beans Taken.

-------- Head to the Hydroponics Lab (C1)

A sign on the wall of this room identifies it as the Hydroponics Lab. A complex system of pumps feeds into a warmly lit growing table. The air has a fresh, vegetal scent.

Exits lead east, west, and south.

>examine table The table is green with healthy and happy flora. There is one empty well available.

>insert beans into well You put the beans into the empty well in the growing table.

>examine pumps The complex pump system is labelled with unfamiliar substances. One button is marked "Quik-Gro."

>press button A stream of purplish liquid begins to flow through the pump system and into the growing table. The plants all shudder happily. The beans glow.

-------- Head out of the room to give the beans time to grow before heading back to the Hydroponics Lab (C1)

>examine table The table is green with healthy and happy flora.

You are astonished to see a huge and happy-looking beanstalk sprouting from where the beans were just moments ago. That Quik-Gro is amazing!

>take beanstalk Taken.

-------- Head back to the Indoor Garden (C3)

>give beanstalk to the ape "That was quick! I don't know how you did it, but that is just what I needed."

The ape puts the beanstalk into its place in the display.

"Perfection! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hugs!"

The ape hugs you close, then returns to tending the garden.

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