The Aftermath

Post NYC Regroup

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons Hello. It has become painfully clear to me that all of my efforts over the past six weeks have been a farce. Everything I have been working on for years, gone, and turned against my intended use by those I trusted most. My trusted advisor and lab director Avila was a traitor and now a mutant. My old friend, popularly known as Demon, has tightened his grip as leader of The Simian Path.

My laboratory colleagues, scattered to the wind around New York City. I have heard reports that some of our contractors were barely able to hobble and find sustenance after giving their all to find Avila and the serum before it was too late. But despite everyone's best efforts, it was too late.

However, I know that this is not the end. This is only the beginning for the work that we must do at Applied Primate. I am encouraged by the people who have rallied around us. We must gather the team again. Reopen the lab. I already have plans on how I can modify A.P.E.Bot to be more powerful and replace Avila as our lab director. We will continue the struggle, to educate and research about the curse of mutantcy, working to understand it, and searching for a cure.

And I hope that the friends we've made along the way feel the same way and will join us. End log.

As an additional thanks, Doc Gibbons promoted 222 of those who helped in finding him remotely and those who attempted the last ditch effort to stop Avila in New York City to Gold level Scientists of A.P.E. Labs. These Gold keycards came applied with the Gold trait status.

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