🌎Report 12a: Mega Debrief

Mega Gold gets a Report from Jenkins Mutated

Mega Gold @JenkinsMutated - Wonderful to see you @here. I am quite pleased to see that you have made contact with four Mega Mutants. Tell me, what progress have you made in bringing them into the Path?

Jenkins Mutated Oh hey there, boss! Well, to tell you the truth, some of them seem more convinced than others…

Mega Gold Oh, really? Please elaborate.

Jenkins Mutated Well, Mega Swamp, in his own words, “dug our vibe,” and was curious to learn more.

Mega Gold Most excellent!

Jenkins Mutated Mega Noise seemed kinda weirded out, but said he’d think about it.

Mega Gold Interesting. I am optimistic that, if one were to truly think about the issues at hand, there is no possible way they could disagree with the Path. Everyone @here can tell you - any intelligent ape would see that expanding our power is the only way forward!

Jenkins Mutated I don’t know if I have that same kind of confidence, boss. Anyway, Mega Zombie and his brain both seemed to feel a new sense of empowerment after I told him what our deal is.

Mega Gold Very good about Zombie and his brain. Two affirmations in one body - that sounds promising. You interacted with one more Mega, yes?

Jenkins Mutated Oh yeah. Get this - Mega Electric insulted me! Called me “little mutant!” Can you believe that? TBH that almost made me want to throw in the towel right then and there.

Mega Gold I mean… objectively speaking, you are not exactly the tallest mutant out there…

Jenkins Mutated Watch it. He also gave me a big old electric shock, but I’m pretty sure that was an accident.

Mega Gold Anyway, Mega Electric’s observations on your stature are irrelevant, Jenkins the Mutant. What did he say about the serum?

Jenkins Mutated Oh, right. He said he was fascinated by it, but was acting really unsure. He’s definitely a wild card. He said he’d think about it too, though.

Mega Gold Well then, it appears that our plan is moving forward exactly as I had anticipated! We have strength in numbers and we will be unstoppable!

Jenkins Mutated I dunno, how can you be so sure? None of them actually said they’d commit to the Path 100%. There’s a chance this could all end in disaster! I mean, I hate to say it, but maybe Doc isn’t totally wrong to be a little cautious. The one thing these 4 Megas had in common is they were all nervous. I’ve seen their powers - each one is unique, but they’re all huge and scary.

Mega Gold Exactly! What you view as “huge and scary” is, in fact, Apekind’s true destiny! Our powers should never be limited! We must see this mission through to the end, in order to achieve our full potential and endow all of Apekind with the strength we rightfully deserve!

Jenkins Mutated Okay, boss…

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