Coming Together

An Alliance is Formed


Mega Gold How am I supposed to believe all of that?

It makes no sense, because it makes too much sense.

Doc Gibbons I don't follow.

Mega Gold It was too neat. Too many i's dotted and t's crossed.

Real information, real sources. Rarely have things resolved in such a tidy way. Too polished.

Be real with me Doc, is this your latest tactic? Just admit it.

Doc Gibbons I am flattered you consider me cunning enough to fabricate such an elaborate hoax, but I should just flip the question your way.

After all, your faction is the one known for being sly and cunning.

Mega Gold Believe me, if I could have concocted a stunt like this, I would have done so ages ago.

You've heard the chatter, of great disturbances in space and time.

Rumblings along those lines have been popping up in my research for a while now.

Doc Gibbons Yes, yes, the question about the anomalies and unexplained forces are not new to me either.

It's quite worrisome, to be honest.

Mega Gold So what's the verdict then?

Do you feel comfortable confirming with relative certainty that the other side is real?

Kodas are real?

Everything we theorized for so long is true?

Doc Gibbons Well, I see no other way to explain what's going on.

This is a momentous day, the dawn of a new era.

The Other Side is real!

Mega Gold To think, we have a chance to explore it all, and Kodas.

Doc Gibbons I'd always had a suspicion they were real.

In fact, I feel like I saw one once eons ago.

Mega Gold Yes, but they don't appear the way I'd imagined.

Certainly not like what Azul appears to be.

And to think Azul is a Mega Koda, and their sibling as well.

If what we had previously theorized is true...

Doc Gibbons ...then a Koda that powerful in the wrong hands could be catastrophic, and now the Dark Force has six Mega mutants as well.

Mega Gold Yes, it is time for action.

We must immediately rethink our priorities, put aside our differences for now.

To continue this feud between us would be a massive waste of time and resources.

The very fabric of space time is at stake.

Doc Gibbons These revelations do change everything, I concur.

Let us enact a temporary truce, pool our resources for our shared goals.

I think we both agree this won't be pleasant, but certainly more pleasant than any alternative we envision.

Mega Gold Let's put our differences aside, at least for now, for the greater good of apekind.

It is something we've always managed to agree on, whether you believe that or not.

Doc Gibbons You have had a funny way of showing it, Avila.

Look at where your recklessness has gotten us.

If only you had been more careful, not so focused on the glittering golden promise of the power of Mega mutation.

Mega Gold You don't have the understanding to speak to me so harshly.

I can't be surprised at your approach: dismissive, egotistical, it's your brand.

Doc Gibbons This could have all been avoided.

Mega Gold Just let it go

Doc Gibbons All right... There might be one hope.

Mega Gold And what would that be?

Doc Gibbons Does the name The Benefactor mean anything to you.

Mega Gold I've heard whispers and rumors of an anonymous donor using that moniker.

Doc Gibbons Yes, there is much to discuss there.

They have provided highly advanced technologies and much needed funding to the lab from the very beginning.

With their help, we have established a secret initiative, some called Project M.

The generous funding and tools have enabled us to harness Mega Serum as a powerful and efficient fuel source for a new class of battle robot.

We call them Sentinels and they might be what we need to find the Megas and put up a fight against this unknown Dark Force.

We used everything we have received from The Benefactor, along with technology derived from Mega Robot and Mega Death Bot to develop a mechanism that allows our Sentinels to process Mega Serum.

Not only to use it as fuel, but also absorb some Mega abilities from it, similar to our own.

Of course, they are not as powerful as we are, but they could come close.

They are by far the most advanced piece of technology I have ever worked on.

The drawback is we have only been able to activate them for very short periods of time.

As soon as they are activated, sentinels begin exhibiting signs of great power, but their core is unable to encompass the energy generated by one of these.

A fuel efficient Mega Serum capsule.

Simply put, they combust.

Cry as we might, we end up with a melting heap of metal with each attempt.

If we could somehow stabilize the energy within the capsules so they don't overheat the core, well, this would certainly increase our chances of finding the Megas and bringing them back home.

Mega Gold So you do understand the power of Mega Mutation.

You're not against it, you just want to keep it all for yourself.

Typical Doc.

For all apekind indeed.

Doc Gibbons For myself?

Avila, of course I understand the power of Mega Mutation.

It is only because of this that I am so careful and reluctant to explore it.

Mega mutation changes us Avila, not only physically, but our very mind.

It is a power too strong for any ape.

You can't tell me you don't feel it: the aggression, the paranoia.

I struggle against it every single day. I struggle to find myself in this Mega Radioactive.

All power comes with a price, and I knew it would be necessary to use these powers for good.

So I built this secret program to transfer Mega abilities not to apes, but to robots designed to carry the load of that power without side effects.

Still, I failed.

We need the Sentinels immediately, just as I feared.

But no matter what I try, I cannot make them work.

Mega Gold This capsule is a marvelous piece of technology, indeed.

What if we had a substance, thousands of times stronger than virtually any other material found in nature?

A metal able to withstand extreme heat and pressure, yet still conduct power in a stable and safe manner.

Doc Gibbons Yes. If only such a material could exist.

Mega Gold Oh, but it does.

And in fact, you are looking right at it...Megagold.

The gold produced by my mutation is the most extraordinary substance I have ever encountered.

I have studied it intensely, if my findings are correct, this is exactly what you need.

Stand back.

Watch as I coat the Mega Serum capsule with a thin layer of Megagold.

There, give that a try to see if it makes a difference.

Doc Gibbons Okay, let's give this a go.

Dr.Abbott Gibbons, lab note 1157, Sentinel Power Up attempt 214.

Initializing Sentinel Systems now.

Oh my God.

It worked!

The first Sentinel is online and energy readings are stable.

Avila, you did it!

Mega Gold What can I say? I'm not all bad, am I Doc?

Doc Gibbons We will talk more later on, but I must initiate mass production of the Sentinel program immediately.

There is no time to waste, we must create a Mega Force of thousands of Sentinels to find the Megas and neutralize this threat before it destroys everything we hold dear.

And everyone else listening out there, we need your help.

Join the Mega Force.

Help us create as many Sentinels as possible and let's go find the Megas before it's too late.

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