Solving for Date

The A.P.E. team released a limited edition set of 157 decks to commemorate the Mega Mutant Melee event. This deck also contained a hidden secret upon arrival to local scientists houses.

The package included a branded sticker pack of the A.P.E. and Megaforce logos along with a sticker that stood out from the rest.

This sticker was one half of a pair and finding another member that received the other half gave everything required to solve.

The symbols shown on the stickers match the 8 Mega card icons and the Mega Abilities and Primary Attack symbols.

Reviewing the stickers next to each other, each symbol can be paired with 2 sets of digits next to it.

Each set of numbers is a book cipher (Line.Word.Letter) with the top line using the Mega Ability text and bottom using the Primary Attack text, hinted by the top symbols.

Reading each number set using the line.word.letter format reveals the final message of


Indicating the date Sentinel Training begins is June 21st

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