Avila's Chalkboard

A. Terry kicks in Avila's office door to find a chalkboard

A. Terry broke into Avila's office and found a chalkboard filled with scribbles.

Avila had created her own symbol based language, which after careful analysis was decrypted. Each symbol represented 2 letters, with the larger outer symbol being the first letter of the pair, and the smaller inner symbol being the second letter. Each of the color matching groups was used to rebuild the key and decode the unkown white message in the center that read: take the serum and be renewed Reviewing the staff page, a link was found on Avila Pires' name that led to https://www.appliedprimate.com/0h7b4272-fde9-4d66-9c36-b4b5 where the password was used to access the website.

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