Ex Post Facto

I'm bad at Wordle

Looking at the #wordlers channel in the Applied Primate discord revealed an interesting post by a user named FinleyBreese.

This message says that they completed six steps and got nowhere but each step is obviously important. This indicates that six steps must be completed and each one outputs important information.

Finley Breese was the middle name of Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse code, a hint that this Wordle result isn't a Wordle at all, but secretly Morse code. Assigning DASH to green squares and DOT to yellow squares gives the string:

- .. -.- - --- -.- .- .--. . .. -. - .... . .-- .. .-.. -..

which decodes to (https://www.dcode.fr/morse-code)

TIKTOK APEINTHEWILD https://www.tiktok.com/@apeinthewild

-------- This TikTok account displays a video that contains images of 11 world flags with the song My Domain playing in the background.

The song is a hint to identify the Top-Level Domains (https://www.worldstandards.eu/other/tlds/) for each of the countries shown. For example the first flag was for INDIA, whose TLD is ".in".

Reading all the TLDs in order gives the message

INSTA FIND JETSETTERSAPE https://www.instagram.com/jetsettersape/

-------- This Instagram account contains 2 photo albums containing pictures of places around the world. Looking at the images reveals that each contains a building/object shaped like a letter of the alphabet.

Viewing the images from a distance reveals the message

IMGUR APEVISUAL https://imgur.com/user/apevisual

-------- This imgur account contains an emoji/madgab puzzle.

Converting the emojis reveals the message

MONKEY SAILBOAT is who I AM MASTODON.SANDWHICH.NET is where I AM mastodon.sandwich.net/@MonkeySailboat

-------- This Mastodon account contain an image with Naval flags as hinted by the username MonkeySailboat.

Decoding the naval flags (https://www.dcode.fr/maritime-signals-code) results in the message


Specifically referencing this Goblintown Booty twerking tweet posted on New Years Eve.

-------- The end of the path had been reached, as six steps had been completed per the initial post and the tweet saying "celebrate the end"

Combining the initial mention that each step was important with the tweet message "check out da butts", indicates to review the end of each important phrase uncovered.

Indicating the Mega Swamp could be found in DEL MAR, California!

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